Acer Predator XB241H 24-inch Gaming Monitor Review

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Acer Predator XB241HAcer Predator XB241H
Acer Predator XB241HAcer Predator XB241H
Acer Predator XB241HAcer Predator XB241H
Acer Predator XB241HAcer Predator XB241H

So you are a gamer who is looking around the market to purchase a new monitor upgrade for those long gaming sessions then look no further we have found what you need. The Acer Predator XB241H is designed and built for those who enjoy gaming without compromise. With its 24″ full HD screen (1920×1080 resolution) it will give you a new experience when gaming with its crystal clear display and image rendering technology. The monitor also comes combined with Nvidia G-Sync technology.


The Acer Predator XB241H is a sleek looking but aggressively themed gaming monitor The 24-inch panel has a matte finish. It is encased in a matte black frame with a very minimal bezel with the predator logo embossed on the bottom trim. What I really like about this product is its V-shaped base with a red accent. It’s very sturdy, and the design emphasizes on its name Predator. Attached to it is a heavy duty mount that can raise the screen up to 5.91” and swivel up to 30°. You can also tilt the screen 90° for portrait mode of viewing in case you might want to use this monitor in a triple monitor portrait configuration. Assembly is easy and requires minimal effort and minimal tool usage.

The monitor comes with two video outputs which are HDMI and DisplayPort. it also comes with built in speakers and a 2.5mm jack. The built-in speakers are placed such that the entire gaming experience feels real and spontaneous. The monitor is also 3D-ready, and you can easily turn it into a 3D gaming zone with 3D vision glasses and Nvidia 3D Lightboost technology.


The monitor’s 144hz to 180hz refresh rate feature coupled with its 1ms response rate produces vibrant and smooth pictures no matter how fast or intense the action is. The G-Sync feature also further enhances the monitor’s amazingly fast refresh rate. It ensures that the high-speed monitor is well in sync with your GPU in your GeForce-powered PC. This guarantees you do not come across annoying issues such as screen tearing or smudging. The monitor can also be overclocked due to its top of the range TN panel by enthusiasts to increase its factory default Hertz.

This monitor is a good choice for gamers because of its ability to reduce strain on your eyes for extended periods of time. The XB241H comes with EyeProtect flicker-less technology to help keep your eyes safe and less strained during extended use. These features together with the speed of the monitor will give you a smooth gaming experience without worry for your eye safety.


Review overview

Price Value7.5

The Pros

  • High Specs
  • Fast Response Time
  • Full HD Display
  • No Motion Blur
  • EyeProtect Flickerless Tecchnology
  • Ergonomic

The Cons

  • Only Two Outputs
  • Expensive
  • Bulky Monitor Stand


8.5The Acer Predator is a very good display for a hardcore gamer looking for his or her next upgrade to take their gaming experience to the next level. If you currently have a gaming PC with high specs but still feel you are missing something to enhance the experience this is truly what you are looking for.

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