Canon 6D Mark II Declared Worst Camera of 2017 by FStoppers

I agree


It’s not often a market leader releases a lemon of a product, so it could be surprising that FStoppers declared the 6D Mark II the worst new camera of 2017. It’s a bit of an exaggeration, but in general I agree with that statement.

A few things Canon got wrong:

  • Worse dynamic range than the 6D (how do you step backwards?)
  • AF points are still too close to the center
  • Video is still 1080p!
  • The changes that were made don’t matter that much to photographers. (How often does one use a swivel screen? And are more megapixels really necessary?)

What matters most is performance, performance and performance. Canon’s been sleeping over the last few years on this and it’s disappointing. I hope they shape up and start really innovating as their customers probably don’t have much patience left. Their dominance in glass is slowly being eaten up by the likes of Sigma, Tamron and others.

That being said, as a Canon shooter, the differences between this camera and others in the same class only matter in certain lighting conditions and only if you pixel peep. One shouldn’t be distracted by the latest and greatest gear, and instead one should focus on learning, experimenting and shooting. Those things will make much more of a difference in the end.

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