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Data Monetization Framework That Provides Accurate Results

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Thanks to the overwhelming success of the new Ethereum Blockchain, more and more businesses are taking advantage of their fraud-proof dynamics to improve their bottom line. In the data monetization business, inaccuracies, fraud, and wasted resources wreak havoc in the accuracy of the data collected, as well as the lives of the people who work in the industry. After all, you can’t sleep well at night knowing you’re part of a business that’s helplessly corrupt.

The world we live in is set to create 180 trillion gigabytes of information by the year 2025, which makes data one of the most valuable sources of revenue in existence. As it stands, there’s huge amounts of data that could be analyzed and benefited from, simply discarded because of the gross inefficiency of our current data collection, storage, and transfer framework.

And thanks to the Ethereum Blockchain, it’s Repux to the rescue! Repux provides data monetization businesses, collectors, and users a fraud-proof framework for highly accurate and immutable results. Data stays true from start to finish, with zero possibility for error or discrepancy. And it’s all thanks to the immutability of the Ethereum Blockchain!

Repux Is A “Game Changer” For Data Based Business!

Data collection administrators with access to data files currently runs rampant across the entire data monetization industry. But data corruption isn’t often linked to the administrators themselves. Instead, it’s linked to the window of opportunity within the framework that data collectors, salesman, and distributors have relied on for years. Repux eliminates the possibility of these “middlemen” to play a part in the data collection and monetization process entirely. “Sealing off” third-party involvement keeps data stores bonafide and genuine.

Repux Is Easily Auditable, Highly Secure Data Framework For The Real World

Just as experts have found the source of data corruption to be the internal dynamics of the data collection and transfer framework, Repux provides a fool-proof, highly auditable solution. Integrity check technology, monitored and managed by a decentralized Oracle hub, uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to immediately identify suspicious events, transactions, and behaviors. And the saying : “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.” holds true in the data monetization industry. Data corruption is due to gross insecurity of the network, which is easy to identify, but impossible to stop. Impossible because the data industry network/framework allows it to go on.

Computer virus scanners use heuristic technology to identify possible threats. Repux employs a similar “event investigation” system to locate fraud, crime, and random errors. Machine based artificial intelligence programs run “match checks” to establish a cause for data corruption investigations. If Event A and Event B match, then that’s cause for concern. A third match initiates the investigation process, and so on.

And the Repux system is incredibly accurate! According to experts, the days of data corruption are close to being over for good! And it’s all thanks to the new Ethereum Blockchain! You can check out the Repux official website here, at, for all the details!

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