How to recognize a mobile phone that is tapped?

Wearing Those Tin Foil Hats


It’s easy to tap into a phone today. It is even possible to send and install applications that will draw information from him and send them to the person who is interested in them via e-mail or bluetooth. If you ever suspect that you are the victim of such an attack, be sure to check the presence of these few signs.

1.The battery is quickly consumed
Apps that are listening to the phone are faster for the battery. They work even when you do not use it, and as a result, the battery is consumed very quickly.

2.Battery temperature
If the battery temperature is quite high at times when you are not using the phone, it may mean that you have a problem with it, but also that you may have installed a communications monitoring software that requires the battery to run a little more.

3.The phone is harder to turn off
Tracking your communication is one of the reasons why your phone extinguishes slower than usual. The same applications that use the battery require a longer time to turn off before the phone is switched off.

4.Inexplicable activity
This can happen for other reasons, but you need to know that the tapped phone can often turn on and off or install and update applications without your request.

5.Weird SMS messages
Amateur interception of communications can give you a sure sign that something happens if you get some strange SMS messages from an unknown number that have characters you do not understand. The eavesdroppers sometimes use SMS to install the software on the phone they want to monitor, and if this installation is not made professionally and properly, such messages are received.

6.View the data in your account
If you have spent more internet traffic than you think you could spend, and the telecommunications company has nothing to do with it, it’s possible that someone else is wasting that traffic by extracting information from the phone.

7.Sounds in the talks
Sometimes it may be a bad connection, but sometimes monitoring devices contribute to buzzing and noise during phone calls.

8.Distortion of the voice
If your interlocutor seems to have a robotic voice, then be sure to check all the other signs of wiretapping, because there is a great chance that it really happens.

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