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Learn about 3 useful sites if you are a BITCOIN owner

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The world’s interest in digital currency continues to rise, especially after it broke the $ 10,000 barrier for the first time in its history last week, so we offer you the top 3 most useful sites if you have a digital home currency, including:

Website Cryptoradar :
Cryptoradar offers a free service to help you find the best prices for selling and buying your digital currency or any digital currency in many of the sites available on the Internet. In addition, the site allows you to know the price of this currency or any other digital currency in real time, Or selling which helps you save money.

You can use this service on the site by specifying the type of digital currency you own and the process you want to do, whether a sale or purchase and then determine the amount of amount to be converted and then press the search button to show you the list of prices available in all locations.

Coindar website :
Coindar is one of the specialized sites in the field of digital currencies, where it provides you with all the details of the most important events related to digital currencies in all countries of the world, which helps you to see the most important news, whether events or conferences or know the views of experts and economic analysts on digital currencies, especially if I was interested in investing in that field.

Accepting website :
In many cases, there are many sites that can not be accepted when you make a purchase by paying the currency of the Betquin. Therefore, the Accepting site offers you a list of the most prominent sites that accept payment by the currency of the house. However, the list so far includes only certain areas such as travel, games, technology and others.

It is noteworthy that the value of the currency of Kuwait has increased about 9 times during the current year, estimated value in the currency market about 1592 US dollars and the currency broke the barrier of 10 thousand dollars because of pumping a large group of investors worldwide digital currency market in addition to increasing the adoption of many of the Customers on this kind of digital currency.

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