PUBG Lag & Rubber Banding

The gods have spoken, the team promises fixes


PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds just released it’s new patch and they have added a bunch of new content. The new map desert map Miramar is now playable. New guns have been added allowing us to shoot new weapons and even drive new vehicles. This is all great news but unfortunately a patch of this caliber always brings bugs and the server has performance issues, lag and rubber banding

The PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds team had discussed these issue in a blog post found in Steam. They have also released a small patch in order address the problems that the new update has caused. The team explained that in order to fix the problems they have removed some of the server inefficiencies and optimized the in game servers.

The team reduced some of the performance issues that the players where facing but they are still working on a daily basis to make the game up to standard for us to play on. Currently the team is doing internal tests and working on more patches to mitigate the problem. The team was seen quoting the below on a  blog post

“We are currently examining several measures including server optimization and server logic modification to address the multitude of causes. On top of this, we will continue our efforts to further investigate remaining causes.”

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