To Nvidia Miners Thinking of Building a Rig

It's Time to Shit or Get Off The Pot!

Newegg is out of stock

If you are currently thinking of building an Nvidia mining rig for mining equihash coins like Zcash, Zclassic, Bitcoin Gold etc. You better act quick. I wish I had found the video pasted below a week or two ago. I was waiting for bitcoin to make a rally before I sold a bit to buy some ASUS 1080 Ti STRIX graphics cards. That was a bad idea since I was not the only one doing so.

Amazon prices are creeping

I spent most of today being disappointed that someone had bought up all the cards at every shop in the city that had them listed as in stock. Newegg, who raised their prices last week is now out of stock. Prices on Amazon are creeping up. In the end I was able to find them at a good price but they were running out quickly from that source as well.

Pull the trigger!

If you want to build an Nvidia rig in the short term and know a source that currently has them in stock, I highly recommend you pull the trigger and make the purchase. Mining fever is taking hold and NVidia gpus are getting harder and harder to find. The struggle is real folks!

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