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Year in Review: Steem

Slowly Rising

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In this post, I will share some highlights of 2017 in Steem development and share some thoughts moving forward in 2018.


Growth we have seen in community size and mindset has been great and very positive. In 2017 we have had 15 Steem software releases, 4 hardforks, price from $0.16 to ~$4, many many more applications built on top of Steem, still growing…


As we have seen growth in Steem, eSteem also followed the growth and contributed a lot to get users from the 3rd world countries where for majority of population only medium to connect to the internet is through their mobile devices Also giving possibility to all users from around the world to stay mobile. Application language support grew from 15 languages to 50+ languages. Monthly Active users grew from 1,000 to 21,000 for Android, 600 to 9,000 for iOS. eSteem had 8 releases for each Android and iOS devices. Kept number 2 spot and increased percentage of mostly used applications built on top of Steem. Overall 2017 was a blast, looking forward to exciting year of 𝗲Steem in 2018.

What’s coming in 2018!
  • We will have scheduled monthly releases
  • Design improvements
  • Content discovery improvements
  • Communities support
  • Gamification improvements
  • On-boarding improvements
  • SMT support
  • Desktop application pre-release
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