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Bitcoin Did it Again



If you’re new to this whole game of crypto there is one thing you always need keep on your mind and that is Bitcoin. Historically whenever BTC price starts to move up, everything, I mean every damn altcoin will go red. BTC is slow, it is big, fees are enormous, but without Bitcoin this whole crypto market wouldn’t exist. Success of Bitcoin is a success of every other coin.

I want Bitcoin to succeed because when BTC price pumps, every time when the price calms down, we always had altcoins price pumps. Time of alts has been placed on a pause once again because BTC price is moving, some alts are still going up, but that will not last long once BTC starts to move again, probably after this weekend ends. It is a tough game if you don’t know how to read the markets, and always remember that everyone is a genius during bull markets, once the markets shift into a bear territory, which inevitably they will, if you’re not careful you might lose a lot.

Always try to swing trade, meaning buy and hold, once the price moves up, could be e week, a month, a whole year, if you stay patient it will pay off. Day trading on the other hand is way more stressful, your heart starts beating fast, you start to sweat, interestingly enough there is a same amount of stress if the price starts dropping or if it starts to move up, what I’m trying to say, it is not healthy to day trade. I learned that the hard way. Leave emotions out of the game, buy, hold and relax. Always invest the amount you can afford to lose.

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