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Bitcoins Birthday.. Happy Birthday!

Genesis Block Was Mined 3th Jan 2009

bitcoin cakebitcoin cake

So exactly year ago at 3rd January the genesis block of BTC has been mined and started change of the world and finances as we know them. Back then BTC was worth nothing and for next year it has been pretty much given away or sold at silly prices.

Bitcoin Markets

Interesting to see that in top10 volume trades only 2 pairs are for FIAT and USD only. KRW/CNY/JPY nowhere to be seen. It looks like Asia trades mostly from/to BTC with altcoins. Does that mean altcoins are now better option than fiat? Thats a change! I have spoken how great Binance and just look how its dominating volumes now. Due to high demand currently you may have problems logging in but go for KuCoin if you wish it is equally great

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