Cougar Vantar – Review

Good Quality doesn't have to be Expensive !

With the RGB craze going right now the Cougar Vantar is surely to catch your Eye. It features 8 Different Backlit Effects to create that true gaming atmosphere.


The Vantar is equipped with Scissor switches  which are ideal when gaming at night for killing your prey in silence. It has anti-ghosting technology allowing you to press simultaneous buttons without any interruptions what so ever. (Locking your keyboard is a thing of the past !)



The Vantar is small in size therefore it doesn’t take much of your desk and if limited space is an issue the Vantar is the keyboard for you. The brushed aluminium styling certainly gives the Vantar a much more expensive feel to it.

This keyboard is meant for those who don’t want to spend a fortune but still achieve affordability, style and function. With a $33.10 price tag on, It will not hurt you wallet and still get that bang for your Buck !

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