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Envion – decentralized mining

This one is for the quick deciders :)


A swiss company that will offer a decentrelized way to efficently mine cryptos by converting shipping containers to portable mining farms! sounds like a dream right? If there are any regulations that will interupt its operations it could just move to another place or another country and connect them to solar power plants.

I’ve invested here not so long ago and you only got 2 days and 15 hours to decide and It will hit the exchange (hitbtc) in 5 days so the value could go higher very soon.
you will also earn dividends just for holding the coins as a share holder – 75% of what they earning from the mining rigs weekly 25 % percent will be reinvested back to mining . There are a total of 150,000,000 envoin tokens and they will burn all the tokens that will not be bought on the ico. They already sold 64,372,304.60 USD worth of tokens which is 50 % so this will help the price also.

this video sold it to me:

checkout there site:

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