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Ethereum [ETH] Target: $1,267

Or Higher

ethereum logoethereum logo

Ethereum (ETH) has recently hit the $868.74 target and I’ve raised the wave 3 to target $1,099 with Wave 5 $1,267. I believe ETH is continuing its epic bull run an it’s not done yet! Once wave 5 is complete, expect a sizable a,b,c correction. The caveat is where wave 5 could complete…it could be much higher than $1,267!!

ethereum chart
ethereum chart

The ETH/BTC is doing a small wave 2 correction; but has decisively broken out of the huge downward pointing symmetrical triangle. I believe the impulse waves will soon make orgasmic lunges upwards towards 0.1563 BTC.

ethereum chart 2
ethereum chart 2
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