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Office Keyboard Review

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If you are looking for a budget keyboard for simple web browsing or simple computer usage than bear in mind we have the keyboard for you. We are positive you will consider the Logitech K120 keyboard

Typing simplicity

The low-profile keys of the K120 Keyboard goal that you can type speedily and quietly, and you won’t mistype as it features full-size F-keys and a number pad that’s ideal for inputting data.

It features bold white characters that make the keys straightforward to enter.

Built to last

The K-120 Keyboard boasts durable keys that can withstand taking place to 10 million keystrokes, and the sturdy keyboard feet seek that no involve how frantically you’in relation to typing your keyboard will accept to the strain.

The keyboard is with spill-resistant, appropriately you can enjoy a mug of tea while you action without unbearable roughly spillages.

Simple setup

Simple plug the K120 Keyboard into your USB harbor and you’when suggestion to ready to go. There’s no dependence to download drivers or go through setup wizards, for that footnote you can profit going straight away.


Review overview


The Pros

  • Cheap
  • Good Spare
  • Good Design
  • Full Size
  • Ergonomic

The Cons

  • No Media Buttons
  • Feels Very Cheap


6.7Overall this keyboard is good if you only browse the internet or use it at the office but if you are a hardcore gamer this keyboard is not for you. There are many more good gaming keyboards at a cheap price than this.

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