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What is Cindicator (CND)?

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Cindicator is one of the hive mind tokens. Hive mind is the idea that one person can make a guess fairly accurately but 1,000 people will collectively be able to make predictions with incredible accuracy. The factor that sets this token apart is that it adds AI to the network to make the human predictions about the future even more accurate.

The predictions in the Cindicator beta app look very promising, and the machine learning will grow stronger with more use. The whitepaper explains how it will categorize people into many groups. Even more groups will be added as experiments are conducted and the predictive models will boost the algorithm. So what gives the token value? Good question. The holders of the tokens will have priority access to the predictions.

As a beta Cindicator is concentrated on trading, which is obviously capturing everyone’s attention right now. There are plans to expand into multiple other markets from engineering to marketing. Predicting the future is analogous to human flight: It was the dreams of many men for thousands of years, and seemed just out of reach in 1900. In 1903 The Wright brothers proved to the world it could be done. History is being made here people, hop on.




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